Good quality needs good care.

Please don’t wash your product before using. You are always advised to prewash baby products, that’s because they are not washed yet. Our products already have been washed. NO PREWASH NEEDED.

It is not necessary to wash merino wool frequently. This fiber is SELFCLEANING and needs less washing than clothing made of other fabrics. It’s perfect to AIR OUTSIDE to have your products fresh again (humid weather is perfect for that). This may sound weird, but it really works. Merino wool contains a natural fat called LANOLIN. This lanolin is ANTI-BACTERIAL and also acts a natural soap when it comes in contact with moisture. WASH YOUR PRODUCTS AS LESS AS POSSIBLE.

When more cleaning is needed. We recommend this: If you have a good WASHING MACHINE it is possible to wash your blanket in the machine on a gentle wool program max 20 degrees, low cycle with wool soap.
However, washing in the machine is at one’s own risk, as we cannot guarantee the individual program settings on the washing machines.

We have noticed that some people had some ‘accidents’ by washing it. Be aware that ‘delicate wash’ is not a wool wash. The product will shrink if you wash it on delicate program.

Therefor the label says HANDWASH, if you doubt how to wash it, you can never do wrong by hand wash: Use cold or lukewarm water(max 30°) with a good wool soap. Immerse the product for a maximum of 5 minutes (do not leave it in the water for too long!) Hand wash means washing it by hand, but not letting it soak in hot water. The wool will shrink if you let it soak. Avoid temperature differences and friction, cause this causes shrinkage. Rinse the detergent out of the garment with cold or lukewarm water(use water of the same temperature for washing and rinsing). Place the blanket on a towel and roll gently the water out. Avoid twisting or squeezing the water out. Let the blanket dry flat and wrinkle free.

ATTENTION: HANDWASH is washing by hand. If you put it in the machine, it’s not hand wash anymore. So then you put in on WOOLPROGRAM (not hand wash).