Our Story

Welcome to Petit Carol !
My name is Lady, a stay at home mother of two and the founder of Petit Carol.
Back in those days, I enjoyed my time working as an Interior Designer with all the aspects of it; exploring details, aesthetics, sustainability, and as well as functionality. I guess that was somehow engraved in me and carried through where I am right now. Like other first time parents, I was so excited preparing for the arrival of my first-born. I began exploring my interest in baby and kids clothing, toys, room decor, as well as doing DIY projects. As time went by, little did I know that I was actually in love doing it and it became my passion. Those moments that I got from collecting and curating products for my little one, gave me simple-honest little joy that I cherished every day. Therefore, I decided to share my little joy with you in Petit Carol.

Parenthood can be full of surprises and yet it is heart-warming. It is truly an amazing experience, nurturing, guiding, and eventually selecting only the best for our little ones. Who knows selecting products for our little ones require a lot of consideration.

Petit Carol is dedicated to people for whom quality and timeless products for their children are essential. Our baby and kids clothing, toys, and accessories are curated based on its functionality, value, sustainability, and aesthetic from all around the world. Pieces that support our little one's development yet are visually pleasant. I hope you will find something special for your little one from Petit Carol.

Love and Wishes,
Lady -