Lowercase Animal Alphabet Flash Cards
Lowercase Animal Alphabet Flash Cards
Lowercase Animal Alphabet Flash Cards
Lowercase Animal Alphabet Flash Cards
Lowercase Animal Alphabet Flash Cards
Lowercase Animal Alphabet Flash Cards
Lowercase Animal Alphabet Flash Cards
Lowercase Animal Alphabet Flash Cards

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Lowercase Animal Alphabet Flash Cards

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Seriously stylish alphabet flash cards for fun and engaging early learning. Give your little loves a head start on their education and inspire a lifelong love of learning through an exploration of the alphabet and animals.

Want to help your little one become a happy and confident learner? Learning the alphabet is an important and exciting foundational milestone for your little love. Once your child understands the alphabet, it opens up an entire world of learning and literacy and your child can begin to read!

Our Lowercase Animal Alphabet Flash Cards offer a fun and engaging way for your child to become confident and familiar with the alphabet through fun, hands-on, play-based learning.

These Flash Cards will grow with your child through the different ages and stages, starting from birth! Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children will all get something different out of our flash cards.

Did you know that newborns only see in black and white until about 3 months of age? Our Flash Cards are purposely designed in black and white to support your baby’s visual development, inviting them to engage, develop their ability to focus, and build their concentration levels. Lay the cards out on the floor for tummy time, or hold them at eye level to catch their attention and watch their eyes pop!

Toddlers will enjoy the animals and begin to recognize the letters and sounds. Play games and make it fun! Start slow with a few cards at a time and concentrate on those for a week or so, in short stints, before rotating to some new ones. At this stage, it’s all about exposure and making it light and enjoyable.

Preschoolers will begin to master the animals and grow their confidence with the letters. They may recognize many of the letters and begin to form short words, like their name. The goal for them is to develop a solid foundation and confidence around the alphabet that will give them every opportunity for a successful transition into big school. It’s still important to keep it fun and hands-on. Follow their lead and incorporate their interests into activities with the cards as much as possible!

School children
School children can use our flash cards at a more creative level by putting together short words, including sight words to help develop their reading skills. Our flash cards offer a fun alternative to desk work and young students may appreciate a fresh approach to learning after a long day or week sitting at school.

About the cards
This beautiful set of flash cards contains 26 double-sided designs. With only one letter and one word per card, teamed with a simple illustration, your little one will be able to focus, concentrate, and engage without unnecessary distractions.

The back of each card features each animal as gorgeous pattern design. This side is ideal for newborns and younger babies who are engaged by contrasting colors, shapes, and patterns.

The flash cards come gift-ready in a little drawstring bag with a beautiful cover card showcasing every animal of the alphabet. It’s the perfect gift for baby showers, birthdays, naming days, or just because!

The flash cards have rounded corners for safety and are 105×148mm in size. The font is clean and simple ensuring it’s easy for little ones to read, recognize, and remember. They are professionally printed on premium quality, heavy card stock.

The collection
‘A’ for ANT
‘B’ for BEE
‘C’ for CRAB
‘E’ for EMU
‘F’ for FROG
‘H’ for HORSE
‘I’ for IBIS
‘L’ for LION
‘M’ for MOOSE
‘Q’ for QUOKKA
‘R’ for RABBIT
‘T’ for TURTLE
‘U’ for URCHIN
‘V’ for VIXEN
‘W’ for WHALE
‘X’ for X-RAY FISH
‘Y’ for YABBIE
‘Z’ for ZEBRA

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Please note
Our flash cards should be used under adult supervision until the age of three or older, as best determined by you.

Designed and made in Australia.